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Here you can find a list of fellow air sickness bags collectors that gave me their
consent or blessing to publish their website link. A must do to check them all out!
Bruce Kelly, USA

Welcome to the world's largest on-line collection of air sickness bags and other types of motion sickness bags.
Alaska's first and only website devoted exclusively to this fascinating and often over-looked bit of aviation history.

David Shomper, USA

The Highest Barfbag Collection on the Planet. David doesn't have the largest barfbag collection in the world, but very likely the highest.
Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, USA, up against the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 1.707 meters above sea level. 

Ed Sluimer, The Netherlands

This collection is a combination of Ed's interest in civil aviation and foreign countries and cultures. To my knowledge the largest Dutch collection on line.

Federico Mandrile, Italy

Over 1,000 unique bags in this Italian collection.
The website is easy to use, a like for the eye. La bella Italia in the bag collection.

Fulvio Dossena, Italy

An Italian collection of air sickness bags, started up in 1987. The largest Italian collection on line. Have a look!

Paul Mundy, Germany

The magical world of air sickness bags. One of my inspirators, and certainly one of the most driven collectors. By far the most complete website, though not the largest collection.
Also one of the curators of the barfbags group on yahoo.

Petr Manda, Czech Republic

On this site, you will find Petr's complete collection of airsickness bags. You can browse the bags in alphabetical order using the menu on the left. 
All the scans are of his own bags. He collects bags only from airplanes, not from boats, busses, sanitary bags, etc. 

Rainer Schwartz, Germany

This website was not created to inform you about Rainer himself, but just for fun and a harmless passion: it was mainly created for baggists to show his collection and enable contacts for information and swapping.
Rainer launched the web-site in 2009 with about 300 bags. It is now almost 2000 bags big!

Rune Tapper, Sweden

What sounds to be one of the most disgusting sites on the web is actually one of the funniest. A comprehensive collection of "barf bags" from airlines worldwide, this site has pictures and descriptions for each one. If you've ever been curious about the world of the barf bag, this is the place for you!

Steven Silverberg, USA

One can tell a lot about an airline from their Air Sickness Bags. Some barf bags are no more than a baggie with a twist tie, while other sickbags could win international design competitions. Steve certainly thinks they are art. You decide. Over 3,100 bags in his collection!

Thomas Homer Goetz, Denmark

One of the biggest collections on line from Homer of Copenhagen, Denmark. Over 4.000 bags! Take a look and admire.

Thorsten Hecht, Germany

You will here find one of the most comprehensive collections of airsickness bags from all over the world.
Beside his own bags, contributions were given by Gerd Clemens whose bags are marked with a yellow banner, as well as by Oliver Conradi and Rainer Schwartz identified with a blue banner.

Walter Brinker, Germany

Walter is the CEO of the International Waste Bag Collectors Association. If you  are interested in or even are collecting Air sickness bags, Barf bags, Kotzbeutel, Spucktüten, Speibsackerl, Bolsas de mareo, Prullezakjes or Sacs de vomitoire, you are right on this site!

Xusheng Chen, PR China

Great Chinese collector with more then 2,000 bags! Frequently updated website.

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